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Suicidal deaths are on the increase in around the world. The main cause of this tragedy is the “Depression” that is rising at alarming levels. It’s not only cost the life of a “depressed “person, but many lives of innocent peoples as well. It could be you or me, who will be the victim of this venom called “Depression” and it could be today or tomorrow the tragedy could happen.


“Save at least one life that could leave us due to depression”


To reduce the No of deaths per year by 25% during the period of initial 03 years of the project. (An average of 800,000 suicides have been recorded annually) Source – WHO

To create awareness about the silent killer “Depression” and design a Global campaign to reduce the depression levels among every age group.

To educate the value of human life and to provide a platform to those who want to live the life to the fullest

Avtion Plan

To provide free counselling for those who are affected through digital platforms (one to one) (All languages, All religions, All Nationalities, etc.)

To provide required aids (Financial /Non – Financial, etc.) as the cure on reasonable grounds.

To gather and develop a powerful force of group to contribute to the society. (To garner the hidden talent of this set of people. This could be Music, Sports, Business, etc.). This set of group will be named as “Survivors” of the life game.

To target countries/regions with the high suicide rates and to open up healing centers in those regions to provide one to one solutions.


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Ushan Wijewardan - Founder

Ushan Wijewardena is a Management and Marketing Specialist who currently heads the Marketing & Business operations at TVS Lanka. He is a Chartered Marketer and has a MBA in Marketing with over 20 years of experience which counts for Multinational companies & local Blue-Chips in the positions of Assistant Vice President, General Manager & Business Head. He has won numerous awards locally and Internationally for his acumen which includes Marketing Professional of the year, Digital Marketer of the year by CMO Asia to name a few. He is responsible for the best performance for CMGA qualification awarded by CIMA as well. He also is a visiting lecturer at the Chartered Institute of Accountants for their MBA Programs.


Samudra Paththinige - Director

Business professional with a unique blend of marketing knowledge and expertise, with over twenty years of hands on experience in industries such as Information Technology, Advertising & Media, Power & Fire cables, Digital and Screen Printing, FMCG, Hospitality and Motor Spare Parts.


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